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Pre-Health Professions Program

The Pre-Health Professions Program and Advisory Committee identify, encourage and support all pre-health professions students through academic excellence, rigorous admissions test preparation, and a variety of pre-health professions experiences.

Preparation for doctoral level and other professional programs in health care is available at UNC Asheville. Students can major in the natural sciences, social sciences, and traditional humanities disciplines; or they may transcend traditional disciplines and create their own individual degree program. At UNC Asheville we believe that an undergraduate liberal arts education, coupled with a strong research component, is the best foundation for advanced studies in the health professions. Students need breadth, depth of knowledge, and experience in order to better understand their patients and relate to their peers in the chosen health profession.

Because of the large number of students nationwide who wish to pursue these careers, you need good preparation through your college experience and careful planning to be competitive.

In addition to excellent academic success and admissions test scores, many doctoral and other health profession admission committees have begun to place a greater emphasis on the applicant's exposure to and evidence of service and practical knowledge of the health care profession. UNC Asheville maintains numerous relationships within the local health care community to assist students to gain these additional experiences.

UNC Asheville alumni thrive as practicing doctors, dentists, optometrists, podiatrists, veterinarians, medical researchers, pharmacists, and physical therapists. Former students and UNC Asheville graduates also succeed as physician assistants, athletic trainers, nurses, nurse midwives, and nurse practitioners.

Please consult members of the UNC Asheville Pre-Health Professions Advisory Committee or the Pre-Health Professions Program Coordinator for specific requirements for these and other health professions.